Small Business Promotional Pencils, Order Extra Gift Ideas, Cheap Bulk Promo Pencils

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Give your customers a gift they will remember you by!

Your choice of pencil quantity. You can choose different pencil colors in bundles of 10 or more (I.E. 30 pencils can have 3 colors, 10x3). Choose from silver, hollographic silver, gold, or hollographic gold foil.

Maximum of 15 characters including spaces, capital letters only.

Characters available:

All vowels - 6 of each available.

All consonents - 4 of each available.

Spaces - 4 available

Numbers - 0-9

Symbols available: !@_

Emojis available:
Cactus 🌵
Ribbon 🎗️
Key 🔑
4 leaf clover 🍀
Star (x2) ⭐
Heart (X2) ♥️
Rainbow 🌈

Shipping - You don't have to worry from my doorstep to yours! All orders come with tracking in Canada and the USA